Going Off The Grid
The new single from LG Breton

Part head-bopping power-pop, part folky introspection, and sung in half-sing, half-talk, “Going Off The Grid” sonically reflects the unconventionality of its subject matter. After all, everyone craves solitude every once in a while, but not everyone permanently leaves the city for a shack in the woods. You used to thrive in the city Better not…Continue readingGoing Off The Grid
The new single from LG Breton

DESTINY – The new single from LG Breton

Destiny is LG Breton‘s first release as a solo artist in 4 years. The song was written and produced by Breton himself at G&B Productions‘ studio in Montreal, Canada. As it’s usually the case with Breton’s solo project, and in addition to his vocal parts, LG performs all the instruments on this recording, safe for…Continue readingDESTINY – The new single from LG Breton

Strings Attached

5 songs with lyrics that evoke the special ties that are created through our interpersonal relations… 5 songs that feature rich arrangements dominated by string instruments of all kinds… The Strings Attached EP by LG Breton turns 6 today, February 12! What’s your favorite song on the EP? Did you get to see any of…Continue readingStrings Attached

I’m Not From Here… Exclusive Livestream Video!!!

Here’s an exclusive live video of I’m Not From Here recorded on December 13th, 2020 at Montreal’s Quai des Brumes as part of the Consider It Done! 10th Anniversary Livestream Concert.. It shall act as a little “souvenir” to those of you who were part of the original online audience and as a little taster…Continue readingI’m Not From Here… Exclusive Livestream Video!!!

“Consider It Done!” Turns 10!

On Sunday, December 13th 2020 at 4PM (E.S.T.), LG Breton will reunite with the original rhythm section of the 2010-2012 tour comprised of Alain Quirion (drums; backing vocals) and Bess (bass; backing vocals) for a unique live performance of the Consider It Done! album in its entirety! Additionally, all participants will be able to chat amongst themselves and interact with the band during…Continue reading“Consider It Done!” Turns 10!

LG Breton & Friends – Jolie Louise

LG Breton (guitars & vocals) reunites with longtime friends/colleagues Simon Dolan (bass), François Therrien (accordeon) and Alain Quirion (drums) to record a lockdown version of Daniel Lanois‘ classic, Jolie Louise.Continue readingLG Breton & Friends – Jolie Louise