Unsettled Business – The new single from LG Breton

Release date: Friday, November 30, 2018
Source: G&B Productions (info@lgbreton.com)

Montreal-based singer-songwriter-producer and multi-instrumentalist LG Breton has dropped a brand new single today! Not only is Unsettled Business the first official solo material release from the artist since his critically acclaimed Strings Attached EP in 2015, it is also the first of a string of singles to be released periodically over the next year.

Lyrically, Unsettled Business is about how anyone, in the face of some important personal trauma, is prone to slip into a momentary state of madness.

The otherwise “serious” matter addressed by the lyrics is counterbalanced by a rather breezy singing style from Breton and an almost summery jazz vibe to the tune… albeit a quirky one. Perhaps this is partially due to the fact that it is rhythmically set to a rather uncommon time signature (5/4), which helps provide a subtle, yet continuous, sense of “unsettlement” throughout the song. Other famous songs in 5/4 include the jazz standard “Take Five” and the “Mission: Impossible” theme song.

As usual, LG Breton plays all the instruments on the track (guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, etc.). He is joined by Jozy Fever (Kinzaza) on backing vocals and by long-time studio partner and award-winning sound engineer Stéphane Grimm in the final mixing stage. The end result was mastered by Richard Addison. Emerging artist Julien Le Blanc is responsible for the artwork.

Unsettled Business is now available for streaming and download from every digital music service throughout the world.