September 2016:



LG Breton​ To Embark on Very First Solo UK Tour in September !!!


Great news for fans in the UK or if you just happen to be in the area between September 15th and the 24th, 2016! Indeed, LG Breton will be offering a string of solo shows at some of Britain's most renowned music venues!
On these occasions, LG will perform acoustic versions of songs taken from his two solo releases (Consider It Done! & Strings Attached) plus some surprises... Don't miss out on these truly unique evenings!
09/15: LONDON (Earl's Court) @ The Troubadour​ Watch personal invitation (Earl's Court, London)
09/17: BATH @ St James Wine Vaults​ Watch personal invitation (Bath)
09/19: LONDON (Balham) @ The Bedford Watch personal invitation (Balham, London)​
09/21: MANCHESTER @ Mono Watch personal invitation (Manchester)
09/22: LEEDS @ Live at Verve Watch personal invitation (Leeds)
09/24: LONDON (Earl's Court) @ The Troubadour Watch personal invitation (Earl's Court, London)
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March 2016:


Watch the new promo video for the 2016 leg of LG Breton's "Strings Attached" Tour, which showcases excerpts from 5 songs ("For Better, Not For Worse"; "I Should Have Never Let You Go"; "My Life Begins Today"; "If I Could"; "Révérence") as well as snippets of reviews and general info on the EP and the show. This 5½-minute video is mostly aimed at concert bookers/promoters but it should also please fans in many ways! The live footage was shot at 3 different venues during the first leg of the tour: L'Ange Cornu; Le Grand Théâtre de Québec and La Basoche. Enjoy!



November 2015:


As November begins, we'd like to bring this brand new (and quite enthusiastic) review of the "Strings Attached" EP to your attention... This time it comes from the UK and was written by radio presenter and music reviewer, Steve Luff. Read it here!


October 2015:


JUST PUBLISHED!!! Here's a great review of LG Breton's "Strings Attached" EP. See if you agree with music critic Jenna Melanson from "Canadian Beats", here:


July 2015:


Here's a recent review of "I Should Have Never Let You Go" published on the New Canadian Music website.
Not only is it a rather flattering piece from journalist Kerry Doole but we also found out, elsewhere on that same site, that the song itself is one of their Top New Tracks this week, appearing just 15 slots away from Neil Young's new release!
Pretty exciting indeed!!!
Check it out:


- Official Press Release –


Strings Attached, the New Opus From LG Breton Is Here!
Montreal singer-songwriter LG Breton has released his second solo offering, Strings Attached. As the title suggests, it celebrates all kinds of stringed instruments: guitars, banjo, violins, double-bass, piano and, of course, vocal cords. Electric and electronic textures intertwine with various sound effects, and there are also elements of soul and folk on this EP.
Lyrically, "every song revolves around relationships" explains Breton. "I sing about one-night stands and summer flings. There are songs about communication problems and what happens when big promises are made. Inevitably, often indelibly, we affect each other's lives."
Several great firsts
Some of the aforementioned stringed instruments appear for the first time in Breton's personal repertoire. Other big "firsts" await the listener. Strings Attached marks the first time that Breton has released a song in French: the epic and very cinematic "Révérence" in which he exploits the full range of his voice, from the deepest spoken words to the very airy falsetto counter-melodies.
In addition, those who purchase the CD will receive a bonus track, a Spanish version of the EP's first single, "I Should Have Never Let You Go."
First-class collaborators
While LG Breton plays most of the instruments, there are some key collaborators on Strings Attached. His faithful studio partner, Stéphane Grimm, serves as recording and mixing engineer. There are several impeccable performances from guest musicians: Guido Del Fabbro on violin; Karl Surprenant on double-bass; Alexis Martin on percussion; and Alexis Loranger on violin and viola. Jozy Fever and Geneviève Dufresne sing backing vocals.
Touring dates
The new material is brilliantly transposed to the stage by a solid and colorful team of musicians. Songs from Breton's first album, Consider It Done! have been completely re-arranged for the occasion.
The Strings Attached tour is underway. Breton has performed his new music in Quebec City, L'Assomption, and Lavaltrie. He will be in Sutton on April 11 and Gatineau on April 17. More dates, including one for Montreal, will soon be announced on his website:
About LG Breton
LG Breton has participated as an instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer (together or separately) on more than thirty albums. He has given nearly 2,500 performances of all kinds (stage, TV, radio, etc.) in more than twenty countries. His first album, Consider It Done! was released four years ago to critical acclaim, both here and abroad.
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